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Fair Warning of the Coming Age

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The Book of Revelation is known to be difficult to understand. It was written in the style of moving from one subject to the next using apocalyptic language. It was not written in chronological order and does not use the actual names of people and places but instead uses symbolism. Author, Andrew Louf, has divided the Book of Revelation into 180 separate events, replaced the symbolism with their proper names, and rearranged the book into chronological order providing a clear and concise presentation along the way. Each verse in the Book of Revelation (Chapters 4-22) is fully explained using a single unified theme throughout. This creates a new and exciting way for students and Bible Study groups to understand these important End Times scriptures.


About Andrew Louf

The author, Andrew Louf, uses a pen name.



Satan and the image of the beast:

An example of the content within Fair Warning is the subject of the “image of the beast” from Revelation 13:14–18. Satan and the image of the beast are both on Earth during the Great Tribulation and seem to have the same goal—to be worshiped by mankind. Where are the writings that compare the two? If Satan is cast out of Heaven to wreak havoc on Earth for the length of the Great Tribulation, what is the image of the beast doing on Earth during the same period of time? It seems the Spirit of the Lord withheld an understanding of the Book of Revelation for nearly two thousand years, because a search of the Internet and historical documents does not find a single website or commentary even comparing Satan to the image of the beast. This is worth repeating. There appears to be no historical record of anyone comparing Satan to the image of the beast. This is especially profound, as Satan is the image of the beast.


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